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Barrier-Free Old Town, CASBA

In this picture two students, one of them entering a store through a ramp and the other checking the slope of the ramp.

The team has studied the physical accessibility of streets and access to 200 stores and equipment of the neighborhoods of San Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera Barcelona's old town and has proposed viable improvements to ensure accessibility. Students have used wheelchairs and masks to circulate in the main shopping streets to get in position and better understand the difficulties in proposing improvements of accessibility. This has served to indicate the degree of accessibility of the elements studied, to develop evaluation cards for the stores or equipments, to analyze the existing access and make comprehensive planimetric survey, from the standpoint of suitability for people with disabilities.In addition to raising the public and the commercial sector, the study also serves to influence politicians and district managers regarding the prioritization of actions about accessibility.

 Leadership: Accessibility Chair.

 Duration: 2013