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University Social Responsibility and Disability

The aim of the present work is to set guides to implement the University Social Responsibility but focusing on the equal opportunities on grounds of Disability (RSU-D). This study starts its research by analysing the current USR in the Spanish universities.

This guide has been made by gathering and reviewing information from several sources related to the field of university, social responsibility and equal opportunities. After this review, it has been carried out an analysis of the USR-D in some Spanish universities. Thanks to this last task, it has been possible to work out some guidelines to make possible the inclusion of the equal opportunities concept in the USR.

The document is divided into seven chapters, from a general approach to a concrete one. The document starts with the definition of the objectives of nowadays university and continues with the definition of the terms 'equal opportunities principles' and 'universal accessibility'. After this, it is analysed the corporate social responsibility and how their core elements are applied into the University management through the University Social Responsibility. Then, it is examined the current context of equal opportunities on grounds of disability present in the USR philosophy of those universities that have already implemented it in their management methodology.' Finally, it is presented an USR implementation guideline -based on the results obtained from the previous analysis.


Leadership: Accessibility Chair UPC and ONCE Foundation.
Funded by: Fundación ONCE.
Document language: Spanish.

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