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Analysis of current and emerging technologies for ambient assisted living in intelligent homes.

Accommodated kitchen.

The new technologies associated with the intelligent home, directly related with the parameters of quality of life, can contribute to improve the autonomy of many people with disability or in situation of dependency. It is necessary to investigate this application in a coherent manner and with accessibility criteria and interoperability, taking into account needs and evaluations of users. The approach of this research in interfaces of multimodal integration facilitates the development of adaptive interfaces which conform to the environmental conditions and/or disability of the person, reducing the number of errors and the time for the implementation of its tasks. The intelligent home will constitute the environment most usual where it is essential plan this type of research. The aim of this work is an analysis of the current and emerging technologies applicable in the domestic environment to convert it into an intelligent and/or assisted home to improve the autonomy of people in situation of dependency and with disabilities.

Leadership:Centre de Vida Independent (http://www.cvi-bcn.org).
Duration: 2007.
Funded by: Associació de Vida Independent.