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Technical requirements identification and design of technical solutions for the orientation and mobility trainning room in the ONCE Catalonia Regional.

Person with a blind cane.

This project comes from ONCE Catalonia request. It is developed by students from Vilanova i la Geltrú School of Engineering (EPSEVG) and led by Dr. Daniel Guasch. ONCE Catalonia delegate has a particular room in which rehabilitation programs take place. The goal of this room is to provide a space where people with visual impairments can learn how to move around autonomously and efficiently with self-confidence. So, the project aim is to design a working environment for this room with specific devices to provide an easy way for the learning and development of techniques and abilities for this kind of users. At the same time, this environment will provide to rehabilitation experts tools to evaluate users capacities and also, it will allow them to design particular training plans for each user case. As a conclusion, technicians and users will have an improved and automated environment to train orientation and mobility skills.

Participants:Càtedra d’Accessibilitat i estudiants PFC de l’EPSEVG.
Duration: 2009-2010.