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Accessibility in Technology

It is the application of accessibility principles to the communication and information technologies so that all people can communicate and access to any information system on equal conditions. This is also known as info-accessibility and it is applied to informatics, Internet, telephony, television, cinema, domotics, tele-assistive services, etc.

Having the accessibility principles taken into account in the design of a product ensures that it can be used by all people. Assistive products can be made by different types of technologies coming from any engineering branch. There are assistive products for the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of a person, for mobility and orthoprotesthesis, for audition, for visual impairments and for daily activities.

Defining a global information system on disability at university

Diagram showing as universities, research centers and managing entity are linked via Internet

This paper defines a comprehensive system of management of statistical information relating to students with disabilities in Spanish public universities.


Accessibility development of the JClic program.


This project considers the accessibility development of the JClic program, a program located in University, Research and Information Society Department (DURSI) from the Generalitat de Catalunya Government.


INREDIS (Relational Interfaces between Environment and people with Disabilities).

Hand over a tactile device while the finger is clicking an option.

INREDIS is a CENIT (National Strategic Consortia in Technological Research and Development) project which is part of the Spanish government's initiative, INGENIO 2010, managed by CDTI (the Industrial Technology Development Centre).


ICT accessibility in the UPC.

Three keys with letters W3C.

On 11th of November 2008, UPC signed an agreement among IMSERSO (Socials Affairs of the Spanish Government) and Fundación ONCE (disability organization) to improve ICT accessibility of the UPC.


Analysis of current and emerging technologies for ambient assisted living in intelligent homes.

Accommodated kitchen.

The new technologies associated with the intelligent home, directly related with the parameters of quality of life, can contribute to improve the autonomy of many people with disability or in situation of dependency.