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Environments adapted to students with mental disability


In 2012 there was carried out the sixth research of the University and Disability Observatory. The aim of UDO is to study and analyse all issues related to disability, universal accessibility and inclusive education in Spanish higher education. In this case, this year's specific disability issue under study is mental disability.

During the UDO research activity, there was detected a lack of awareness about the situation of mental disability. People with mental disability do not present themselves to the university as having this disability due to the fear of being stigmatized. . As a consequence, these people do not express which are the environment accessibility problems that affect them. UDO has begun the research about mental disability and its requirements to be effective included in university life.

This research frames the environment of the mental disability in the Spanish universities and identifies the presence and type of mental disability in the university population. It does an approach to the generic needs of those students with mental disability and evaluates the possible difficulties they may encounter in order to get the degree and to enter in the labour market.
As a conclusion, there are offered lines of action so that the instruction of the universities studies be implemented optimum way for people with mental disability.


Leadership: UPC Accessibility Chair and ONCE Foundation.
Participants: UPC Accessibility Chair, Fundació Universitat Rovira i Virgili.
Duration: 2012.
Funded by: Fundación ONCE.
Language of the document: Spanish.

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