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Guide for implementing the Universal Instructional Design in the University teaching.


This study focuses on establishing which are the guidelines for implementing and put into practice the Universal Instructional Design in the University teaching, starting from the analysis of the model of The University of Guelph (Canada).

Its specific objectives are:

  • To delimit the theoretical concept of the Universal Instructional Design.
  • To determine the state of the art in Spain.
  • To analyze the implementation of the UID in the University of Guelph, at a personal level (implication of the teaching staff) as well as organizational (institutional implication) and to establish guidelines to favor the implementation and put into practice of the UID in the Spanish Universities.

Leadership: UPC Accessibility Chair and ONCE Foundation.
Participants: UPC Accessibility Chair.
Duration: 2012.
Funded by: Fundación ONCE.
Language of the document: Spanish.

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