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Manual for the inclusion of the university room: guidelines for architectural, technological and pedagogic accessibility to guarantee the equal opportunities in the university education.


This is the fourth edition of the Annual study of the Observatory University and Disability (OUD). This present study proposes solutions for the effective achievement of equal opportunities in the university environment. In this case, it is centered in its basic function: education.
It is presented, then, a guide with specific teaching guidelines that allow the equal opportunities of the student with disability and the rest of mates. Teaching takes places in the classroom, and in this case in a university classroom. This manual contains precisely a set of guidelines that cover the material and ergonomic adaptation of a physical classroom, the characteristics a virtual class must have and issues related to pedagogy and personal treatment that the teaching staff must provide.
In consequence, independently to the teaching model used at the university, this manual addresses to professors, although they are not the only target. It also addresses to the technical staff responsible for designing and maintaining facilities and equipment or managing computer services; and also, the university directive and managing staff since great part of the accessibility needed for an inclusive teaching is their responsibility.

Leadership: Fundación ONCE.
Funded by: Fundación ONCE.
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