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Transverse research about accessibility and design for all concepts inclusion in university.

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Third edition of the University and Disability Observatory (UDO) research. The objective of this transversal study on the implementation of accessibility and design-for-all concepts in the University context, done by UDO during 2010, is to research about accessibility related aspects in the university context not yet studied in-depth in the previous editions. State of the art of new curriculums created inside the European Higher Education Area is to be analyzed. This analysis is focused in how accessibility and design-for-all concepts are included in the curriculums of all degrees, especially now that they are in process of validation. It is important then, from the double approach of disability and university, to analyze and reflect on the treatment the treatment the new curricula is giving to the accessibility and disability.

Leadership:Fundación ONCE.
Participants:Universidades públicas de Castilla La Mancha, Castilla León, Andalucía, Extremadura, Galicia y Comunidad Valenciana.
Duration: 2010.
Funded by: Fundación ONCE. Fondo Social Europeo.
Document Language: Español.